December 17, 2019 Novumcella Inc. was selected for X-HUB TOKYO Bach2 (Healthcare Batch) sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

X-HUB TOKYO is a platform hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan area for entrepreneurs aiming for the world from Tokyo and people involved in the global innovation ecosystem.
X-HUB TOKYO provides information for entrepreneurs aiming for the global market, and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs with the potential to become global startups from Tokyo to access the global market.
We have been selected for this program. The business is to collect data electronically such as shirt-type wearable electrocardiographs and electrocardiograms and so on, and find out the signs of restenosis of stented patients from medical big data analysis.
The sponsor is Boston Scientific (, which specializes in a minimally invasive treatment called “intervention” (a non-invasive treatment). The world’s largest medical device manufacturer.
In the next three months, we will receive presentation skills training in English from the University of New York, will receive a business plan brushup from mentors at X-hub Tokyo, and eventually make presentation in English to Boston Scientific and will receive a feedback for commercialization.