January 21, 2020:Concerning recent newspaper coverages concerning our company

Former lecturer of Osaka Medical College, Dr. Masaaki Ii, the inventors of the patents licensed to our company, and Mr. Toshiro Hamazono were arrested for violating the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine by the Osaka Prefectural Police on January 15, 2020. There were newspaper overages

In some newspaper, Mr. Hamazono was described as a former part-time employee of Novumcella inc.. However, our company has never hired Mr. Hamazono in the past, it is just one of subcontractors. This case has nothing to do with our company. We are currently considering future measures, including requests for correction of articles.

Our company has nothing to do with any of the recent newspaper overages. Our company requests to understand this point. In addition, our company will strictly follow the compliance and promote the commercialization of the development products currently in progress. We look forward to your continued support.