Trade Name Novumcella Inc.
Business contents
  • Development and sales of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, regenerative medicine products etc.
  • CRO business

3-11-8-805 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL +81(0)3-3436-2013
FAX +81(0)3-3436-2014
Majority Shareholders Yasuyuki Kusuhara and others


Yasuyuki Kusuhara【President and CEO】
 Graduated in 1986 at the Nagoya city university graduate school of pharmaceutical sciences.
 Master of pharmaceutical sciences, MBA, Certified pharmacist.
 Performed basic research for manufacturing of e.g. artificial organs by carbon materials 11 years experience in non-clinical and clinical development at a large American pharmaceutical company.
 Here, initiated a targeted approach to the Japanese market, resulting in the successful development of a variety of products. 
 Involved in regulatory consultation to expedite product development for major US-based biopharmaceutical companies. Prepared successful early approval application of multiple projects. 
 Engaged as a Chief clinical officer at previous bio venture.

Tsuyoshi Ikeda【Outside Director】
Graduated from Meiji College of Pharmacy (Pharmacist). He has over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
He has been engaged in corporate management for several CROs including PAREXEL and CMIC, and served as managing director and president.
Prior to the CRO industry, spent 30 years working closely with global pharmaceutical companies, Upjohn and Allergan. He is also engaged in human resource business, and has extensive experience and wide industry knowledge.

Jun Kawamoto【Corporate Auditor】
In 1975 dropped out of Hawaii State University Hiro. He joined Wakoshoken 1977 (now Mizuho Securities).
Through the domestic branches work, Wako Switzerland, stationed in Wako London. He was appointed head of the first Taipei Representative Office and enrolled for 23 years total.
After that, he was engaged in investment banking business at a foreign-affiliated securities company, a boutique-type securities company, and a financial consulting company.
We are familiar with the public offering business, M & A brokerage business.


Masahiro Nagasawa
After graduating from Doshisha University, passed the Public Accounting examination in 1964. · Registered as a certified public accountant in 1985.
Admitted to the Price Waterhouse Accounting Office in the same year (currently Aarata Audit Corporation).
After that he worked at Ernst & Young San Francisco office and in 1996 he was engaged in IPO work at KPMG AZSA & Co.
Meanwhile engaged in IPO consulting and auditing of more than 50 companies.
Presently, CEO of Aoi consulting Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki Watanabe
PhD in 2002 from the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. (Epidemiology, Biological Statistics)
He worked as a biostatistician at TEIJIN Ltd., BANYU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (MSD K. K. as of October 2010), TOKYO CRO, Inc. (JGC Pharma Services Co., Ltd. as of 17 September 2010)
Currently, President of L Data Science, Co., Ltd. Director (Board of Directors) of RIN Institute Inc. Director of Key Support for Life Innovation (KSLION, NPO)

With regard to professional activities, he is an Executive Board member (2003-2004), and a Board Committee (2005-2006) of The Biometric Society of Japan, and Reviewer of The Japanese Journal of Biometrics (2003), Program Editorial Committee of The Japan Statistical Society (2002-2003), Program Editorial Committee of The Drug Information Association for the workshop in Japan for Biostatistics (2004-2007), and a Board member of The Japan Medical and Scientific Communicators Association (2001-2006).

With regard to industrial activities, he is a member (1993-1998), and a Board member (1999-2006) of The Statistics and Data Management Group in The Drug Evaluation Committee of The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), and a member of the Expert Working Group in ICH E2E (Pharmacovigilance Planning (PvP)) (2003-2005), and a Sub-leader of The Statistics and Data Management Working Group (leader of The Statistics Group) of The Japan CRO Association (2010-2013).

With regard to public appearances, he is a lecturer of The Quality control Courses (1991-Present) and Steering committee and Program editorial member of The Pharmacoepidemiology Course (2004-2013) in The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, and a lecture of the CRC/CRA Educational Course of The New GCP Promotion Committee (2001-2004), and an adjunct lecturer of The Pharmaceutical regulatory Science in the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo (2005-Present), an adjunct lecturer of The International University of Health and Welfare (2009-2012), and a visiting professor of Clinical Research in The Yokohama City University Graduate School of Medicine (2011-2013).

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Address:3-11-8-805 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
How to access:5 minutes on foot from Shimbashi Station